Battery technology “Made in Germany” as an opportunity of the century: CustomCells calls for a holistic course to be set for the targeted establishment and expansion of the battery value chain

Battery cell technology is playing an increasingly decisive role for Germany as an industrial and business location. The strategic development and expansion of the German and European battery value chain strengthens technological innovation and helps to secure valuable market shares in this increasingly important sector. For CustomCells, a company based in Itzehoe and Tübingen, technological expertise, the ability to innovate and highly qualified specialists (f/m/d) are the basis for positioning itself as a global player in this market of the future with high-tech battery technology “Made in Germany”. However, the course for the location must also be set correctly by politicians, according to the battery cell pioneers.


Battery cell production in Germany has developed from a barely noticed industrial sector – until the early 2010s, the manufacture of lithium-ion battery cells took place almost exclusively in Asia – into a key sector. High-performance energy storage systems are essential for the widespread and flexible use of electricity and are thus a key component of the energy and drive turnaround, on the road, but also in the air or on water. The company CustomCells has done pioneering work in the field of lithium-ion technology over the past ten years and has significantly advanced battery cell development and production “Made in Germany”.

“With its well-trained skilled workforce, Germany is in an excellent starting position and has the potential to become one of the leading high-tech battery locations. However, bureaucratic barriers and rising energy costs are increasingly standing in our way. We must finally strengthen our industry and not hinder it with additional regulations. This requires courage and entrepreneurial spirit – from all sides, including the German government,” says Dr. Daniela Werlich, Vice President Advanced Technology & Strategy at CustomCells. “To be able to realize forward-looking projects in Europe and Germany, we need simplified approval procedures and attractive funding programs. And we need them today, not tomorrow. Our goal at CustomCells is to extend our technological lead and shape progress with ever new innovations. We want to shape this in and from Germany as a strong industrial location.” 

Germany needs premium battery cells for mobility transformation on the road, on the water and in the air 

The rapidly increasing demand for batteries is creating a gigantic market – with forecast growth rates of 30 percent annually. By 2030, global demand for lithium-ion batteries is expected to rise to 4,700 GWh, according to a recent McKinsey study. This corresponds to a market volume of 400 billion US dollars. At around 40 percent, China accounts for the largest share of global demand, but the experts expect the strongest growth in Europe, as well as in the USA. While the USA has strengthened its economy with the Inflation Reduction Act and promoted battery production, there is still an acute need for action in Europe and Germany, however. 

The main growth driver of the lithium-ion battery market is electromobility: In Germany alone, the German government is planning 15 million registered electric vehicles by 2030. Chancellor Olaf Scholz recently reaffirmed this goal of the German government at the IAA mobility trade show in Munich. With a strong automotive industry, a particularly great deal depends for Germany on being a leader in battery technology. To achieve this goal, the development of large-scale production capacities must be consistently promoted.  

As a renowned development and production partner to the automotive industry, CustomCells is accelerating the ramp-up of electromobility with innovative lithium-ion cell technology, tailored precisely to the requirements of its customers. However, it is not only in the automotive industry that batteries are taking an ever greater share of value creation. In the aviation industry, too, the signs are pointing to electrification. CustomCells is significantly driving this development in aviation with high-performance lithium-ion batteries developed in Germany, which have already proven themselves at well-known aviation companies such as Lilium and Vaeridion.

Time for a battery miracle in Germany 

“CustomCells is paving the way for electrified and sustainable mobility. With our high-performance battery cells, which excel in terms of their performance and quality, we are creating a completely new premium segment. We thus stand for “Made in Germany” in the global battery industry,” Daniela Werlich continued. “But Germany must not miss this opportunity of the century and must now demonstrate holistic courage and innovative strength for a battery miracle.” 

The transition to electromobility must not be made at the expense of additional environmental impact. That is why CustomCells focuses not only on performance but also on sustainability when developing high-performance batteries. In the development and production of lithium-ion batteries, the company pursues a holistic sustainability approach along the entire value chain. In addition to the sustainable use of materials, recycling and second-life approaches are already considered in the development phase, for example.

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