a strong

partner network


A strong CUSTOMCELLS® partner network contributes to the increase of our service quality and the efficiency of our technology solutions - thus to the success of our customer projects. CUSTOMCELLS® maintains close relationships with research and development as well as material manufacturers. This gives us direct access to the latest energy storage technologies. These technologies are incorporated into the configuration of our products. Thus CUSTOMCELLS® generates a significantly higher added value compared to standard suppliers.

P3 group

P3 is a specialist for engineering services. With more than 800 consultants and a strong focus on e-mobility. The combination of the two strengths of P3 and CUSTOMCELLS® offers our customers a professional approach along the value chain from the raw material to the core technology of electric vehicles.

Range of services: E- and Future Mobility - Process Management - Cost Management - Change Management - Supply Chain Management - Quality Management - Data Analytics - Vehicle Development.


E-Lyte Innovations GmbH

E-Lyte Innovations is a start-up company founded by Dr. Ralf Wagner, Dr. Stephan Roeser, Dr. Kolja Beltrop and Prof. Dr. Martin Winter. E-Lyte Innovation offers customized electrolyte development services using a high throughput screening approach and the production of customized electrolytes in quantities from 10 mL to 20 L.

The strategic partnership between E-Lyte Innovations and Customcells enables the customer to gain access to highly optimized lithium ion cells for each specific application, such as high temperatures, low temperatures, high voltages, high C-rates, new cell chemicals.


El-Cell – electrochemical test equipment

EL-CELL develops electrochemical test equipment that can be used to test new, state-of-the-art battery materials.

El-CELL focuses on lithium-ion batteries, but also offers devices for other battery materials.

The product portfolio includes battery test cells, electrochemical dilatometers, laboratory tools, consumables and other tailor-made complete solutions for complete battery research laboratories. Get your test equipment for research and development from CUSTOMCELLS®.



Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) is a leading technology company that helps enterprises, service providers and governments accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world. Keysight's solutions optimize networks and bring electronic products to market faster and at a lower cost with offerings from design simulation, to prototype validation, to manufacturing test,

to optimization in networks and cloud environments. Customers span the worldwide communications ecosystem, aerospace and safety, automotive, energy, semiconductor and general electronics end markets. Keysight generated revenues of $3.9B in fiscal year 2018.


Werner Mathis AG

Werner Mathis AG is a Swiss machine manufacturer specializing in coating and drying systems for R&D, pilot and production areas. Mathis works closely with customers to optimize, improve and develop processes for the battery sector. Mathis and CUSTOMCELLS® have been working together for many years, so that CUSTOMCELLS® can rely on the best coating and drying technology and thus a flexible design for the battery design.

The production of an electrode film (anode, cathode) requires high and individually adjustable line loads at the calender and high-precision calibration. The extremely low tolerances required for calendering are a challenge for the machine itself. CUSTOMCELLS® offers these technical requirements.



Cooperation between Coperion and CUSTOMCELLS®: Coperion is the ideal partner for the continuous production of cathode and anode masses as well as battery separator films and solid-state batteries. The Coperion ZSK twin-screw extruder, together with high-precision Coperion K-Tron feeders, offers high reliability, long operating times and numerous properties to ensure high product quality. CUSTOMCELLS® offers the possibility of

small series production of Li-Ion cells with extruded anode and cathode films as well as customer-specific test possibilities for recipe and process development. Benefit from the development of manufacturing processes with continuous extrusion and proven lamination technology up to cell production and testing. CUSTOMCELLS® offers a high number of individualization possibilities for cell design or cell specifications.


Fraunhofer Gesellschaft – ISIT

The Fraunhofer Institute for Silicon Technology (ISIT) is a research and development partner of CUSTOMCELLS® and a specialist for the development, manufacture and integration of micromechanical and microelectronic components. With its state-of-the-art lithium battery technology in the Integrated Energy Systems (IES) department headed by Dr. Peter Gulde, Fraunhofer ISIT offers a wide range of services in the run-up to prototype and/or series production

of application-specific energy storage solutions. The IES Group has proven its technological competence in countless projects with renowned global companies and is continuously expanding its innovation potential together with CUSTOMCELLS®.


ATLAS Elektronik GmbH / ALSE

ADVANCED LITHIUM SYSTEMS EUROPE - DEFENSE APPLICATIONS S.A. (ALSE) is a joint venture founded by ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH and SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A. focused on the research, design and development of lithium ion batteries.

ALSE S.A. carried out the pre-commercial development of lithium ion cells based on lithium iron phosphate technology (LiFePO4), which are used in exercise batteries.



Manz AG is a globally active high-tech mechanical engineering company. With many years of expertise in automation, laser processing, image processing and measurement technology, wet chemistry and roll-to-roll processes, the company offers manufacturers and their suppliers innovative production solutions in the fields of photovoltaics, electronics and lithium-ion battery technology. With many years of expertise in automation, laser processing, image processing and measuring technology, wet chemistry and roll-to-roll

processes, the company offers manufacturers and their suppliers innovative production solutions in the fields of photovoltaics, electronics and lithium-ion battery technology. The product portfolio includes both customer-specific developments and standardized individual machines and modules that can be linked to form complete, individual systems.


Reese + Thies Industrieelektronik GmbH

Reese + Thies is an engineering office with 24 employees in the immediate vicinity of CUSTOMCELLS® in Itzehoe. Reese + Thies develops hardware and software for customers. The company maps the entire development process, from specification and development of A, B and C samples to qualification and support of series production. Reese + Thies develops software for embedded systems and vehicles.

Communication via CAN and Ethernet is a daily task. The Itzeho-based company develops hardware primarily for compact control units and actuators, where microelectronics and power electronics come together in a confined space. Reese + Thies has a lot of experience in the field of power electronics for battery vehicles.


Battery LabFactory Braunschweig (BLB)

BLB is a research centre of the TU Braunschweig. BLB investigates and develops electrochemical storage devices from laboratory to pilot scale. The research spectrum covers the entire value chain from material development through electrode and cell production to recycling. BLB has the technical equipment to analyse large traction batteries as well as battery modules and packages.

The infrastructure makes it possible to answer fundamental and application-oriented research questions. BLB focuses on flexible production strategies and process technologies to increase the energy density, quality and safety of traction batteries under electrical, electrochemical, ecological, constructive and economic aspects.