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Master of Batteries: CUSTOMCELLS® launches its own Medium publication and aims to present complex topics in a way that can be understood by a broad readership

Whether on the road, in the air or on water: Battery cells are a central key technology for a more sustainable future. Master of Batteries" is therefore now all about the power cells of the modern age and their contribution to more innovation - be it in mobility, industry or the medical sector. With the new publication, CUSTOMCELLS®, one of the leading companies in the development and series production of special lithium-ion battery cells, wants to make the often complex battery cell technology more tangible for a broad readership, reach new target groups and support general education around the battery cell.

"Modern lithium-ion battery cells are already profoundly changing the way we live and move from A to B. On the road, the technology is paving the way for the boom in e-mobility. With aerial cabs and innovative drones, disruption is taking wings. As CUSTOMCELLS®, we are a key driver of this development. We want to take people with us and create an understanding of the technology and its importance for a sustainable future," says Leopold König, co-founder of CUSTOMCELLS®. "It's no secret that we are addressing a younger, international and tech-savvy target group here."

What possibilities still lie dormant in lithium-ion technology? What makes the battery a thoroughly sustainable solution? How do artificial intelligence and machine learning unleash previously undreamed-of performance potential in battery cells? These are just some of the questions that "Master of Batteries" will address in the future, taking its readers on an exciting journey based on concrete application scenarios - from the technology's tender beginnings to a present in flux to a tomorrow full of possibilities that CUSTOMCELLS® is already working on today.

CUSTOMCELLS® makes communication broader and more modern

The English-language publication on the renowned blogger platform Medium is part of a whole series of measures with which CUSTOMCELLS® will significantly broaden and also internationalize its communication in the coming months.

New formats are already being planned for this on various channels and promise exciting insights for technology and innovation enthusiasts. The blog itself complements the company's communication measures on a weekly basis - press releases, company news and social media postings remain a central element of the company as usual and can be subscribed to via the homepage.

At the same time, design as well as channel-specific marketing measures should make people want to work in the battery cell industry. CUSTOMCELLS® had already warned in May of an impending shortage of skilled workers and its consequences for the entire industry. At the Itzehoe site, the company is currently expanding its capacities to up to 160 employees. Open positions can be found on the careers homepage.

Clock generator of a comprehensive transformation

Through the development and production of special lithium-ion battery cells, CUSTOMCELLS® is the pacemaker of a comprehensive technological transformation and closes the gap between prototyping and series production with its offering. The company accompanies its customers from the initial idea to the project planning of a micro- or gigafactory. In Tübingen, CUSTOMCELLS® manufactures high-quality lithium-ion batteries in automated series production in one of the most modern battery cell production facilities in Europe.

With "Master of Batteries", interested parties will in future have the chance to benefit from this comprehensive expertise - and to get to know a key technology of the future beyond its technical parameters from the perspective of specific industries. Master of Batteries" and other communication measures for a younger target group will be implemented in close cooperation with the communication agency Faktor 3. The Hamburg-based agency has been supporting CUSTOMCELLS® for more than a year as lead agency for PR and communication topics.

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