CUSTOMCELLS® offers cell assembly based on components provided by the customer.

Would you like to evaluate your cell component in the overall battery cell system? CUSTOMCELLS® also uses individual components provided by the customer as part of the cell assembly and, by optimally supplementing the other components, delivers a battery cell defined according to the customer's requirement profile. 

At first glance, lithium-ion battery cells only consist of a positive electrode, a negative electrode, a separator and an electrolyte. However, the actual construction of a lithium-ion battery cell is much more complicated and the increasing number of components and the emergence of new electrode active materials in modern lithium-ion battery cells require a great deal of know-how and practical experience to understand the interactions of the components and their effects on cyclical cell aging, internal resistance or other key performance indicators (KPIs). 

For example, the electrodes in a lithium-ion battery cell are composite electrodes consisting of a complex and finely tuned mixture of one and/or more active material(s), several conductive additives and several binder materials, which are homogeneously slurried by adding various processing solvents (depending on the active material) and various additive additives and then homogeneously applied to a very thin substrate film of a few micrometers and dried without the film tearing. Although the inactive materials (e.g. conductive additives, binders, substrate film) do not participate in the electrochemical reactions, they nevertheless have a significant influence on the properties of the resulting lithium-ion battery cells. Conductive additives such as conductive carbon black, for example, create an electronically and thermally conductive network within the composite electrode, determine the microstructure of the electrode and thus significantly determine the internal resistance and aging behavior of the lithium-ion battery cells. CUSTOMCELLS® customers can use the 14 standard electrodes or provide their own electrodes as part of the further cell assembly process. 

From the evaluation of new materials and new cell components, essential strategies for cell development and cell assembly can be derived, which is the key to high-performance and durable lithium-ion battery cells. For this purpose, however, it is essential that the investigations of new components are based on absolutely reproducible processes. Since 2012 CUSTOMCELLS® has been manufacturing high-performance electrodes and prototypes of lithium-ion battery cells in a reproducible but highly flexible process, which makes it possible to replace new active materials and new inactive materials at the electrode level but also at the cell level (separators, electrolytes, tabs, etc.) in the existing process with just a few adaptation steps and thus to objectively evaluate their properties in a lithium-ion battery cell. Based on these CUSTOMCELLS® experience and the technological know-how, this provides an optimal environment for integrating and evaluating existing customer materials such as electrodes, electrolytes, separators and tabs or pouch foils into the overall concept of the battery cell.

The battery cell experts at CUSTOMCELLS® respond directly to the customer's individual requirements and select the other cell components depending on the target application or target market. As part of the study, the new cell components to be investigated can of course also be evaluated against the state of the art in order to accurately assess the technological added value. CUSTOMCELLS® continuously has over 250 different active and inactive materials at its disposal and is in constant exchange with its established suppliers. CUSTOMCELLS® also regularly carries out the qualification of new suppliers and new technologies, so that the state of the art can also be evaluated objectively and in line with the market at any time.

CUSTOMCELLS® together with its partner network (including the P3 Group and E-Lyte Innovations GmbH) can fully support you along the entire path from material evaluation at electrode level, the development of new or the provision of patented electrolyte solutions to the prototype development of lithium-ion battery cells and prototype battery modules. In addition to the technological perspective, CUSTOMCELLS® also provides customers with detailed insights into the respective market as well as into the individually realizable battery components.