Benno Leuthner visiting the IZET event on the subject of battery research

At the beginning of May, CUSTOMCELLS®, Fraunhofer ISIT, representatives of Covestro and HanseWerk, and Innovation Officer Dr. Stefan Kaufmann from the Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) met at the Itzehoe Innovation Center (IZET) to report on their current status in battery research. The meeting was organized by the responsible member of the german parliament, Mark Helfrich (CDU). In the event photo, the participants are, from left: Mark Helfrich, Dr. Stefan Kaufmann, Prof. Axel Müller-Groeling, Benno Leuthner and Dr. Andreas Würsig.

The IZET offers start-ups a basis and the best framework conditions for a successful start in the working world and for effective growth. With its great enthusiasm for technologies, the IZET helps companies by providing office, laboratory and workshop space. As a central network in the Itzehoe region, this creates a platform for exchange with other companies.

During the event, Fraunhofer ISIT presented its plans for the expansion of a research center for applied battery technology called "FAB.SH", which aims to expand research activities and increase laboratory space. The focus of the research will be applications of batteries in the field of renewable energy and shipping. In this context, fuel cells and battery hybrid storage systems will also be investigated. FAB.SH is funded by the state of Schleswig-Holstein and the federal government.

The project also includes advantages for CUSTOMCELLS®: "The synergies with FAB.SH support the growth interest of Custom Cells Itzehoe locally. All development activities for the newly emerging series production in southern Germany will continue to take place at the Itzehoe site in the future," says CUSTOMCELLS® Head of Project Planning & Sales Benno Leuthner.

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