E-Lyte Innovations wins StartGreen Award!

On 20.11.2019 the best business models of the Green Economy were awarded at the Federal Ministry for the Environment in Berlin.

E-Lyte Innovations was able to prevail against 250 StartUps in the category “Future Mobility”! E-Lyte Innovations develops and produces tailor-made electrolytes for modern energy storage technologies. Nowadays, lithium-ion batteries are omnipresent and are have a key role around a climateneutral future. The fundamental research behind lithium-ion batteries has recently been awarded with the Nobel Prize in chemistry. Currently, lithium-ion batteries are limited in their field of application because the suitable electrolyte solution for the particular lithium-ion battery and its applications doesn´t exist. Metaphorically speaking, electrolytes are the blood of every battery and determine its performance significantly. In a figurative sense, E-Lyte designs the suitable blood type for every battery system.

A direct example is the current dilemma of the automotive industry with regard to starting, lightning, ignition (SLI) batteries. At temperatures below 0°C, lithium-ion batteries show performance reduction without the use of specifically adapted electrolyte solutions. This is the main reason, why toxic lead-acid batteries are still being used in SLI batteries of every automobile, in spite of a ban by the EU that only allows the use in exceptional cases. The E-Lyte Innovations GmbH was founded in May 2019. Furthermore, the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Union as part of the EXIST-transfer of research programme support E-Lyte.

Electrolyte development