We take over the preparation of funding applications in the energy sector.

CUSTOMCELLS® has been operating in the energy sector in the field of storage technologies since 2012. Since December 2020 we have set up a separate business unit - CUSTOMCELLS® Consulting - for this purpose. In the field of public subsidies, we have initiated, implemented, supported and successfully completed numerous projects based on subsidies, both our own and those of consortia or customers. Our qualified CUSTOMCELLS® Consulting team has prepared a wide range of funding applications at state level (e.g. WTSH / ZIM / AIF), federal level (for a wide variety of ministries) and EU level (EU calls) and generated a high rate of subsidies and innovation grants on the basis of the approval. These grants make it possible to finance a wide variety of technology projects and concepts.

CUSTOMCELLS® Consulting has already accompanied numerous grant applications up to the successful approval of the grant. The individual funding programme objectives were then brought to success in the numerous innovation projects. CUSTOMCELLS® Consulting has a broad network of partners and thus also creates possible links between companies and institutes - business and research - within the framework of funding consortia. We develop innovative storage technologies ourselves and conduct a wide range of research projects and activities at association and committee level. Take advantage of our comprehensive qualifications in generating funding in the field of storage technologies and our experience in drawing up consortium and cooperation agreements.