Funding Project: BiSSFest


Development of solid state batteries

Through the development of solid-state batteries, improvements of conventional lithium-ion batteries can be achieved in several areas. By replacing the mostly flammable liquid electrolytes with solid lithium-ion conductors, the safety of the cells can be significantly increased. In addition, by using anode materials with high energy densities such as elemental lithium, cells with extremely high energy and power densities can be produced.

In the BMBF-funded project "BiSSFest", solid-state batteries with sulphidic solid-state electrolyte and lithium anode are to be developed. This class of solid-state electrolytes is particularly characterised by high lithium ion conductivity and good processability. Starting with the (further) development of the materials, via their processing into electrodes and cells, up to the definition of the operating conditions of the batteries, all aspects of this new cell type will be illuminated.

CUSTOMCELLS® will be responsible for the cell assembly and the characterisation of the sulphidic solid-state batteries within the framework of the project. Particular focus will be placed on investigating the necessary manufacturing and operating conditions of the cells. In addition, CUSTOMCELLS® will manufacture solid-state batteries under completely inert and dry room atmospheres and subsequently compare their performance.

The work in the project can thus make an important contribution to the commercialisation of this new, promising battery technology.