Tailwind from Seed- und StartUp-Fonds

CUSTOMCELLS® is one of the leading companies in the development and production of special lithium-ion battery cells. The Seed- und StartUp-Fonds has contributed to the success. By means of financing, CUSTOMCELLS® was able to invest in important assets as part of the company's start-up and realize its growth potential. CUTOMCELLS® CEO Torge Thönnessen: "The Seed- und StartUp-Fonds has given our first round of financing the regional polish. The special support for high-tech in Schleswig-Holstein could be felt and has lasted until today!".

Seed- und StartUp-Fonds:

The Seed- und StartUp-Fonds II Schleswig-Holstein (SSF II) provides equity capital for the development of innovative, high-tech and high-knowledge companies in the early-stage phase. Financing is provided in the form of silent or open investments.  There is no focus on specific industries or topics.

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