Innovative Battery Technologies Online Conference

17th June 2021 - Online lecture by Benno Leuthner - 14:10 - 14:40 (CET)

CUSTOMCELLS® Head of Project Planning & Sales Benno Leuthner will give a presentation on "Design of smart battery cells for automotive applications based on smart manufacturing processes" at the Innovative Battery Technologies Conference 2021 on 17th June - 14:10 - 14:40 (CET) and will be available to answer questions.

The Innovative Battery Technologies Online Conference will cover aspects of the battery circular economy, beginning from the production of the battery through raw materials, battery manufacturing, battery use and safety, management and applications, going through market trends, research and development, new technologies and finally closing the loop with a focus recycling, second life and regulations. The upcoming conference will gather battery manufacturers, international battery industry key players, experts, researchers, recyclers and end users. All professionals will come together to discuss current and upcoming challenges, exchange on new chemistries, manufacturing process, battery components, battery second life, recycling, manufacturers regulatory obligations, future expectations and innovations.


  • Challenges requirements and opportunities of the battery models on the market
  • Upcoming battery regulations and obligations
  • New battery technologies and battery management systems
  • Battery circular economy
  • Battery recycling
  • New battery materials and cell designs
  • Battery applications and innovations
  • Battery safety
  • Optimizing supply chains at every level to mitigate battery safety incidents
  • The rechargeable battery market and trends
  • Latest research in extending battery range
  • New manufacturing processes and technical know-how to achieve economies of scale

The CUSTOMCELLS® Project Planning & Sales Team will also be available for networking at this event. Please contact us at to arrange a personal meeting if required.

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