Dr. Daniela Werlich, CTO CUSTOMCELLS - Women in science

Women in science: CUSTOMCELLS® and CARIAD

Dr. Daniela Werlich, CTO of CUSTOMCELLS®, on women in STEM professions

Breaking away from the status quo and embarking on a new path in a completely new and unprejudiced way, without shying away from criticism, is a characteristic of truly innovative thinkers. One of the people who was able to think in a new and visionary way was Ada Lovelace – one oft he first female developers and computer scientists. Today, future mobility needs the support of Ada's great-great-granddaughters – women who are passionate about machines, science and computers, and who want to think about mobility in a visionary way. Nurturing, connecting and inspiring these women is the aim of CARIAD's A. Lovelace Traineeship, named after Ada Lovelace. The 12-month program, which starts on 1 October 2021, gives 15 female digital talents the chance to develop their potential in collaboration with experts from the whole Volkswagen company. To promote the program, CARIAD called on inspiring women in industry to share their views on the topic of women in science. One of these women is Dr. Daniela Werlich, CTO of CUSTOMCELLS®. In her guest contribution, Daniela describes what needs to be done to bring more women into STEM professions.
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