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CUSTOMCELLS Hands-on Lithium-Ion Battery Seminar

24th + 25th November 2021 - Itzehoe, Germany - Seminar

CUSTOMCELLS® offers a Hands-on Lithium-Ion Battery seminar in the location of the Fraunhofer ISIT. This seminar is held on fixed dates at the Fraunhofer ISIT (talk sessions) and our company location (practical parts) in Itzehoe, Germany. Date for our Hands-on Battery seminar: 24th + 25th May 2021.

Who should participate?
Technology start-ups + R&D engineers from the field of energy storage / electricity + energy storage suppliers + academic researchers + employees, heads and managers of the automotive industry + employees, heads and managers of the chemical industry - other branches of industry and service providers

In practical modules, starting with raw materials, slurry and electrodes, the production of pouch cells and electrochemical characterization, cell assembly is carried out in a practical manner in this seminar. The corresponding lecture program provides insights into the latest trends in technology. You can open the specific seminar program by clicking the button below. You are interested in participating. Then use our registration form to register and secure one of the limited participant places. Our responsible contact person Mr. Jörg Scheele will be happy to answer your questions.

Information and registration