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Auto Motor und Sport-Kongress 2022

22th September 2022 - Stuttgart, Germany - Lecture

Together we will discuss the topic of sustainability - a strategy and its consequences: How are supply chains adapted and controlled? What do we actually mean by the term sustainability - and how serious will the change be for suppliers and the automotive industry? Will there be enough renewable energies to be sustainable? What mobility concepts do we need for this and what should the political framework look like?

CUSTOMCELLS® CTO Dr. Daniela Werlich will give a lecture on 22nd September on the topic "At full throttle into the electric future: What can we look forward to with lithium-ion technology in vehicles?". 

Range anxiety and long waiting times at charging stations are ubiquitous topics in conversations about electric vehicles. The first generation of vehicles could not completely disprove this. How can these two issues be combined in one cell generation and what does the future of lithium-ion technology hold? In our overview of the development, latest trends and next generations of storage technologies, we would like to look not only at the technology, but at the entire value chain from raw materials to second life and recycling. In doing so, we will always focus on the currently important issues of security of supply and technological sovereignty.

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