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IBPC 2020

04th to 06th November 2020 - Braunschweig, Germany - booth + lecture

Global demand for sustainably produced electrochemical energy storage systems is at an all-time high and is expected to increase further.  Despite all the attention paid to battery technology, the manufacturing process for batteries is often neglected. The International Battery Production Conference closes this gap. In cooperation with the VDMA Battery Production and the German competence cluster ProZell, the Battery LabFactory Braunschweig (BLB) has established an international exchange and networking platform dealing with the latest developments in the field of battery production. CUSTOMCELLS® actively participates in this network.

The topics for the IBPC 2020 are:

Housing, geometrical shapes and cell types
Module and pack design and safety
Electrode production
Cell assembly
Formation and aging
Production of solid state batteries
Module and pack production
Electrode, cell and module diagnostics during production
Battery production 4.0
Recycling and sustainability

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