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Laser Symposium Electromobility

25th – 26th January 2022 – Aachen - Lecture

The increasing electrification of automobiles is causing an increased demand for powerful energy storage systems. In order to meet the constantly growing challenges, new manufacturing methods are necessary in the production of battery modules and packs. Already today, highly efficient laser processes are essential for the entire process chain, and the share of laser technology in production will continue to increase. Our CUSTOMCELLS® team will be present at the fair and will give a presentation at the event.

CUSTOMCELLS® CTO Dr. Daniela Werlich will give a presentation on 26th January at 09:30 (CET). Topic: Laser technology from the perspective of a battery cell producer.

In recent years, the lithium-ion cell technology has conquered many new applications such as automotive, marine, medical or aviation. In addition, lithium-ion batteries are also often used for stationary applications such as storage, peak shaving or frequency regulation. Each application places different demands on the battery. Some applications require a longer life, other applications require high power or have a high energy demand. Due to the different materials used in lithium-ion batteries, not all requirements can be met by one battery setup. Therefore, an adjustment of the battery cells is required to address each application with maximum efficiency. Thereby innovative design concepts for enhanced cell performance require novel production processes. This is the perfect opportunity for laser techniques to provide solutions for specific cell production challenges such as high precision, ultra-high capacity electrodes or ultra-thin substrates. Customcells demonstrates the cell development and production process and discusses application fields for laser technologies.

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