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MLE-Days 2022

15th - 16th September 2022 – Hamburg, Germany – Lecture

Machine learning has become a central driver of economic innovation and development. However, the application potential in the engineering sciences is comparatively little known and exploited. The "MLE Days 2022" are organised by the research initiative "Machine Learning in Engineering", which bundles the university's competences in the field of machine learning and acts as a platform for exchange with practice.

CUSTOMCELLS® CTO Dr Daniela Werlich will give a lecture on 16.09.2022. TOPIC: The use of machine learning in the development of lithium-ion cells

In the development of lithium-ion cells, there are a large number of components and parameters that can be individually adapted. Starting with the active materials, through the recipe and the loading of the electrode to the cell format, there are numerous options available to the battery developer. However, it must be borne in mind that a lithium-ion cell must not only convince with its electrochemistry, but above all with its processability. In this context, machine learning is an important tool for being able to react flexibly to changes in the individual components during development and production. In this way, the final product quality is continuously improved during the development period.  The CUSTOMCELLS® presentation will address the possibilities of using Machine Learning in the development and production of lithium batteries, but will also highlight aspects such as traceability and quality in the various application areas of lithium-ion battery technology.

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