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World Energy Congress

17th to 19th May - Osaka, Japan - Lecture

The World Energy Congress (WEC) is entering its 9th year. The WEC organising committee's mission is to provide a platform for participants to strengthen technical and business relationships in the energy industry, bring together experts and leading companies to share new products and business experiences, and jointly explore opportunities in new energy technologies.

CUSTOMCELLS® CTO Dr Daniela Werlich will give a presentation. TOPIC: Materials for lithium ion batteries – target-actual comparision: Limitations and opportunities

The active material pairing gives a lithium-ion cell its decisive properties. We would like to show you which specific parameters are important when choosing the right materials and go into the current trends and developments in this field. We will not only inform you about the electrochemical properties, but also shed light on the challenges of industrialisation, ramp-up, processing and the economic as well as ecological aspects from the perspective of a cell developer and cell producer.

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