Development of customized battery systems

CUSTOMCELLS® develops and manufactures energy storage system prototypes in small series for extreme markets and special applications. We break through technological barriers when our competitors reach their limits. CUSTOMCELLS® offers innovative concepts, function-related designs and application-related optimizations of the entire system, from the raw material to the finished end system.

The individual lithium-ion battery cells are assembled into battery systems / battery modules. The design and technical properties of the module are tailored to your requirements. Depending on the application, the module is equipped with thermal management and a battery management system (BMS). The module can be individually equipped with sensor electronics and can be perfectly integrated into your respective application by taking its shape into account.

Customcells® - Your partner for special battery systems

  • Development & production of individually adapted high-performance cells
  • Packing and module development / construction
  • Modern cooling and safety concepts
  • Development of highly secure battery systems
  • Lightweight construction and integrated design
  • Customer-specific adaptations to space requirements and operating conditions
  • BMS development and adaptation
  • Access to strategic partners for the development of packing space and charging infrastructure
  • Complete optimization from the raw material to the finished battery system
  • Highest quality individual system components
  • Individualized plug connectors and buses for Plug & Play
  • Simulation
  • Testing

Customcells® - Application Portfolio Battery Systems

  • Pressure-neutral battery systems for underwater applications
  • Battery systems for the aerospace industry
  • AUV and drone battery systems
  • UAV and ROV battery systems
  • Powerful EV battery systems
  • Medical battery systems
  • Battery systems for extreme environments
  • Battery systems for commercial shipping
  • General energy storage system prototypes


Stefan Roschinski
Head of Sales / Project Planning

Fraunhoferstr. 1b
25524 Itzehoe - Germany