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Customcells® develops application-specific cell prototypes

While standard cells only offer standard performance, CUSTOMCELLS® develops and manufactures individual lithium-ion battery cells that are tailored to special customer applications. CUSTOMCELLS® manufactures everything from individual prototypes to medium series volumes. High security configurations and unrivalled performance make our CUSTOMCELLS® cells perfect for use in highly specialized and sensitive applications.

Possible cell requirements

Unrivalled performance

Customcells® - We start where others leave off

Lithium accumulators from large series manufacturers are a compromise with regard to the possible range of properties, which makes it possible for different customers to offer the same product for their application in a cost-optimized way. CUSTOMCELLS®, on the other hand, adjusts the range of properties specifically to customer requirements. CUSTOMCELLS® accumulators are therefore always used where standard cells cannot meet the requirements of the system integrator.

Customcells® - flexible cell development


In addition to the conventional shapes, the shape of our lithium batteries gives you great freedom of choice. For example, ring-shaped, angular, curved or polygonal lithium batteries are no problem for CUSTOMCELLS®. For example, a tubular compartment with pentagonal cells can be used more efficiently. We produce lithium batteries and energy storage solutions for you according to your shape requirements.


We configure the cathode, anode and separator films specifically for you to produce lithium batteries that meet your requirements in terms of geometry, capacity, cycle resistance, safety features, environmental resistance such as pressure or temperature resistance and power/energy density. The electrodes used are made of the latest generation of materials developed by CUSTOMCELLS® itself and manufactured on its own  coating systems.

Electrolytes & Cell Chemistry

We can offer you optimal solutions for low and high temperature applications. We implement and adapt modern electrolyte systems so that the energy storage solution meets your application requirements. Customer-specific requirements in terms of energy and power density, safety criteria, voltages and ecology can be met by the right choice of storage materials. Thanks to the CUSTOMCELLS® modular system, we have access to state-of-the-art active materials.

cell construction technology

We select the right technology for your requirements. Depending on the application, we use laminating or stacking technology, ceramic, nonwoven or polymer separators and the specific electrochemical configuration to achieve maximum performance benefits. Shock and vibration resistance: Due to the special cell construction technology, CUSTOMCELLS® lithium batteries are characterized by high shock and vibration resistance and can also be manufactured with flexural strength in individual cases.

Safety & environmental requirements

Active materials, electrolytes, additives, cell design and configuration enable us to largely optimize intrinsic safety at the cell level. This means that CUSTOMCELLS® is able to manufacture lithium batteries that pass penetration and short-circuit tests where standard solutions fail. We offer you safety-optimized energy storage solutions for your applications. The batteries manufactured by CUSTOMCELLS® are adapted to the environmental requirements of the respective application so that they are highly resistant to cold and heat. We use special processes to ensure maximum compressive strength (overpressure and underpressure) and shock resistance. Other special properties - such as magnetic field suppression - are possible in battery module construction.

Capacity - energy and power density

Due to the surface loading, stacking and geometric configuration of the individual cell elements, the cell capacity between 0.01 and ~100 Ah per cell can be configured very freely. Energy and power density are optimally matched to your application. CUSTOMCELLS® provides the right solution: Whether long-term energy supply or high-performance energy storage with large discharge currents.

Conductors and connections

CUSTOMCELLS® energy storage devices offer optimum integration: We determine the position, shape, position, material, cross-section and connection technology of the electrical conductors of the battery or the connections of the battery module according to your product requirements. This enables us to ensure an optimum, loss-free and durable connection of the conductors and encapsulation of the cells, even under extreme operating conditions.

cycle stability

Specifications for cycle life and calendar aging are major challenges for lithium batteries, especially in terms of economy. When it comes to balancing energy density and stability, CUSTOMCELLS® has decades of experience in battery construction and benefits from a successful modular system that meets special requirements and produces extremely stable battery systems. According to your specifications for the energy storage solution, an exceptionally high number of cycles can be achieved by selecting the cell chemistry as well as the charging and discharging parameters. Under optimal conditions, compact prototype cells have already achieved more than 5,000 full cycles.

special applications

Customer requests for application-specific energy storage solutions from CUSTOMCELLS® have paved the way for special requirements. Our patented processes and flexible manufacturing enable us to build vacuum-tight cells, cells for high-pressure applications (tested up to a hydrostatic pressure of 500 bar) and non-magnetic cells.

Extremely high energy densities


Customcells® prototype production

tailor-made CELLS = tailor-made SOLUTIONS

  • Test cells and small series prototype cell production
  • Test cells for material testing and cell benchmarking / dummy cell construction
  • Cell designs in individual formats and shapes
  • Pouch cells - flexible in design and shape
  • Ultrasonic tab welding
  • High-quality production processes
  • Unsurpassed cell quality and performance parameters
  • Tailor-made cell chemistries - standard formulations / recipe development
  • Individual test protocols - Adapted formation for every cell chemistry
  • Subsequent small series production of up to 1.2 million cells possible on request


Stefan Roschinski
Head of Sales / Project Planning

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