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CUSTOMCELLS® develops and produces electrodes of the highest quality for various energy storage technologies and is a qualified partner for contract coating and electrode supply worldwide. CUSTOMCELLS® concentrates on lithium-ion battery technology and related technology fields such as supercapacitors and, in addition to individual production, serves all commercially available anodes and cathodes. Electrode development and production are carried out according to specified customer requirements and on the basis of state-of-the-art technologies.


CUSTOMCELLS® covers all common active materials such as LFP, LFMP, LCO, NMC-111 and NCA as well as graphite and LTO, but also offers materials of the latest generation such as NMC-532, NMC-622, NMC-811, LMO and LMNO as well as Si/C and has an extensive track record for all common active materials. Use 14 industrialized CUSTOMCELLS® electrodes (developed standard formulations) or alternatively have them coated using your own chemicals and formulations. Furthermore, CUSTOMCELLS® develops and produces electrode foils individually tailored to your specific application.


We offer you the latest electrochemical storage materials. We continuously have over 250 active materials and additives in stock and are therefore flexible when it comes to individual slurry composition and production. Our sales and R&D team has comprehensive material know-how and provides qualified advice on electrode definition for your desired application. Our production includes high-quality suspension mixers for batch sizes of 1, 5, 20, 50 or 200 liters as well as a dry mixer for SSB/Si-C. In addition, CUSTOMCELLS® uses a high-quality Coperion ZSK twin-screw extruder with high-precision feeder for slurry production. The integration of the extruder enables CUSTOMCELLS® continuous operation of the coating, including reliable processes and consistently high product quality. The slurry is produced in an air-conditioned environment including the necessary filtration systems and quality analyses. CUSTOMCELLS® operates with organic and water-based solvents (aqueous slurries) and can therefore process numerous binder types. Based on the flexible volumes, the slurry scale-up process can begin on a laboratory scale and be run up to the batch size of a pilot plant (20 liters) or up to an industrial batch size (200 liters).


If you are looking for extraordinary performance parameters for electrodes, CUSTOMCELLS® is the right choice for you. The electrode foils are manufactured according to your desired criteria: Individual requirements such as substrate material, choice of cell chemistry and later dimensions (length, width, free areas) are already taken into account during electrode development. Coating materials, process details and product specifications are adapted to your specific application within the flexible CUSTOMCELLS® electrode production. For electrode production, we use two modern coating systems to realize batch coating or roll-to-roll coating in series production. The surface capacities and weights, the coating thickness and width of the electrode foils as well as the calender qualities are flexibly adjustable. Our coating systems offer a wide variety of coating heads in the form of slot nozzles and squeegees and have several infrared and circulating air dryers as well as in-line quality measurement / concrete control. CUSTOMCELLS® generates a throughput of 100 MWh per year in electrode production.

Customer opinion


Mathis and CUSTOMCELLS have been working together for many years, so that CUSTOMCELLS has the best coating and drying technology and thus offers a flexible coating portfolio for the optimal battery design.

– Clemens Disch - Werner Mathis AG, Coating and Textile Machinery Manufacturing

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