Customcells® Electrolytes & Electrolyte Development

The growing global demand for lithium-ion batteries and the high technical demands for energy, power density and service life are continuously leading to the development of new electrode materials. A prerequisite for compatible use of cell components is the use of tailor-made electrolytes. CUSTOMCELLS® draws on know-how developed over many years and numerous patents relating to battery electrolytes and is thus able to provide a finished electrolyte within a very short time.

CUSTOMCELLS® also meets individual customer requirements, e.g. the use of battery cells in high and low temperature ranges, within the framework of electrolyte development with complete solutions. If required, CUSTOMCELLS® will develop a suitable electrolyte specifically for your application.

Development of trend-setting electrolytes

CUSTOMCELLS® participates in E-Lyte Innovations GmbH in the field of electrolyte development. Founded in May 2019, the company develops, optimizes and markets application-specific ready-to-use electrolytes and electrolyte components for lithium-ion batteries. The focus is on the optimization and production of electrolytes according to special customer requirements. CUSTOMCELLS® guarantees the safe, fast, efficient provision of solutions based on the highest level of know-how in order to develop individual customer requirements and the specific requirements of their battery systems in a result-oriented manner.

Through this partnership, CUSTOMCELLS® will serve the growing market demand for application-specific lithium-ion batteries in an even more targeted manner. Basic formulations are combined and offered with adapted electrolytes, so that great success has already been achieved in the areas of performance, temperature spectrum, new cell chemistries and service life.

Supplementary services & measurements

CUSTOMCELLS® offers comprehensive consulting services and sublicensing options for IP in the field of electrolytes and energy storage - especially for the application area of lithium-ion technology. Furthermore, CUSTOMCELLS® offers extensive service measurements in the field of electrolyte development and characterization such as, among others:

  • Determination of ionic conductivity
  • Wetting properties on battery materials (e.g. separator, electrodes, foil material, etc.) and in cells
  • Determination of flammability according to Closed Cup method
  • Determination of flammability
  • Determination of gassing (formation, storage, cyclisation)
  • Determination of purity (e.g. water content according to Karl Fischer method, gas chromatography etc.)
  • Density measurement
  • Thermal characterization using TGA/DSC
  • Determination of viscosity
  • Electrochemical characterization (e.g. electrochemical stability window on inert or active materials, anodic resolution current collector, impedance measurements, electrochemical constant current cycling, pulse tests, etc.)
  • Recording of potential curves in 3-electrode cells
  • Post mortem analysis


Dr. Ralf Wagner
Senior Project Planner / Sales

Custom Cells Itzehoe GmbH
Fraunhoferstr. 1b
25524 Itzehoe - Germany