Customcells® ready-to-use r&d materials

Purchase our CUSTOMCELLS® research & development products and take advantage of the time and cost advantage in your research work. Choose from our range of high-quality EL-CELL electrode coins, standardized / cut electrode foils and electrolyte-free test cells.

Customcells® - ready-to-use el-cell electrode-coins

CUSTOMCELLS® electrode coins have been optimized for EL-CELL electrochemical test equipment and developed by CUSTOMCELLS® in cooperation with EL-CELL. The electrode coins enable scientists to quickly achieve good, representative results with low effort and low costs. The electrode coins are packaged under inert gas and pre-dried so that they can be used directly in the glove box. The electrode foils are manufactured by CUSTOMCELLS® in Germany - Itzehoe on an ultra-modern coating line and their properties are electrochemically tested in batches so that only electrode coins of the highest quality are delivered.

Advantages of the el-cell electrode coins

  • Cost, time and effort savings
  • Standardized battery electrodes in highest industrial quality
  • Precisely punched in El-Cell standard format (18 mm)
  • High uniformity of coating / cycles / area coverage / energy density
  • Ergonomic working in the glovebox thanks to individual packaging and colour coding
  • Pre-dried - delivery ready for use in an inert gas packaging
  • Extensive analysis possible (e.g. porosity, active material content, electrochemical properties)

Overview el-cell electroden-coins

Customcells® - standardized / cut electrode foils

A reproducible test environment for testing lithium accumulator components (active materials, electrolytes, conductivity mediators, binders, pouch packaging, etc.) can be advantageously performed with semi-finished & intermediate products from CUSTOMCELLS®. Save up to 49% on development costs. We offer you standardised electrode foils of the highest quality in a standard format with a width of 100 mm, one-sided coating on aluminium or copper foil. Our range of electrode foils offers you all modern active materials. Further qualities, differently calendered electrode foils, deviating formats as well as materials can be produced and supplied on request.

Advantages of standardized electrode foils

  • Reduction of equipment costs
  • Fewer machine hours
  • Faster results
  • Consistently high quality
  • Fast delivery
  • Access to state-of-the-art active materials
  • More than 250 raw materials continuously in stock
  • Fast setup of multilayer cells possible (wide tabulator range)

Customcells® - electrolyte free test cells

On request, CUSTOMCELLS® provides you with small series of unfilled / electrolyte-free lithium accumulator cells based on your desired configuration. Electrolyte-free pouch cells are an almost perfect test environment for your electrolyte development. Test your electrolytes at breakthrough speed in a true lithium-ion pouch cell that is standardized and also used in commercial applications. The pre-dried cells are immediately ready for use:  Fill the test cells with their electrolyte composition and seal the cells - then start the formation and later the cyclization process.  The fastest and most cost-effective way to run your own electrolyte laboratory. The minimum order quantity is 10 cells per article. Special specifications and use of your special components on request.

Advantages of electrolyte-free test cells

  • High flexibility in electrode material
  • Consistent production costs
  • High and reliable quality
  • Easy handling


Jörg Scheele
Senior Sales Manager

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