Customcells® licensing

CUSTOMCELLS® develops and scales new technologies for various applications of lithium-ion battery cells on behalf of customers. Different scenarios are possible for the further transfer of these technologies into products and into the mass market. CUSTOMCELLS® can adapt these to the respective customer requirements. CUSTOMCELLS® technologies can, for example, be transferred to a mass manufacturer on the basis of a licensing model. CUSTOMCELLS® customers can have the technology produced cost-effectively in large quantities, whereby the technological IP (Intellectual Property) remains with CUSTOMCELLS® itself.

It is also possible for CUSTOMCELLS® to hand over the development as a complete specification document to the customer. The provision of the specification document is preceded by a previously purchased CUSTOMCELLS® development service.  After completion of the development project, the development is handed over to the customer. The customer can then freely dispose of the development provided. The selection of a suitable mass market manufacturer is completely up to the customer.  

For small and medium series, CUSTOMCELLS® can directly transfer a cell development into its own production in Tübingen and offer it accordingly. If required, CUSTOMCELLS® also supports you in the selection of a suitable mass market manufacturer through to production implementation.