Customcells® StudY CREATION

Expertise is important! This is especially true for the highly dynamic battery market, where new ideas and products are needed to assert oneself. In order to weigh technologies against each other, the support of battery experts is required. Our CUSTOMCELLS® team of experts, consisting of electrochemists, engineers, process engineers and market specialists, supports you in all questions relating to battery technology.

This gives you an overview of the current market situation for a specific battery raw material or component. We give you an outlook on different technologies and their market penetration and an access to certain components of the value chain. CUSTOMCELLS® offers you solutions that will help you to establish yourself within the dynamic battery environment - whether in breadth or in niche.

customcells® - our analysis portfolio

CUSTOMCELLS® provides various analyses, feasibility studies and benchmarkings.
We work closely with the P3 group on studies on pricing and competitive analysis.

+  Market studies & evaluation
Market & competition studies, supplier screenings, regulatory framework, market (entry) strategies

+  Cell Technology & Storage Systems
Technology studies, raw materials & supply chains, cost evaluation, forecasts & benchmarking

+  Cell & Module concept development
Concept studies, cost analyses & benchmarking, supplier evaluation up to prototype production

+  Technology Studies & Roadmapping
Market analyses, forecasts & technical evaluation

+  Cost analysis & evaluation of technical designs
Material costs, process efficiency, target costing, cost-down analyses, evaluation at component & system level as well as technical tear-down analyses

+  Production, Integration & Validation
Supplier management, audits & selection, development roadmaps, component testing, end-to-end system design and validation

+  Service & Product Development: Hardware & IT
End-to-end service development, design-to-cost & cost-down analyses, customer requirements, sales & pricing strategies

+  Production & Assembly
Production planning & manufacturing processes, plant and process planning, supplier evaluation and selection as well as site selection and planning


Dr. Daniela Werlich

Custom Cells Itzehoe GmbH
Fraunhoferstr. 1b
25524 Itzehoe - Germany